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  • In the beautiful setting of the Tuscan countryside, in the locality known as Al Filicaja (Montaione - Florence), on the hills dividing the Valley of Rio Pietroso from the Egola Valley, stands the Tenuta da Filicaja, owned by Count Antonio Nardi-Dei da Filicaja Dotti.

    Count Antonio and his collaborators work in the deep, dark cellars, in the sun-filled vineyards and in the open spaces crowded with symbols of the Villa, slowly but constantly improving the products from the Estate. They are well aware that neither tradition nor innovation alone, but the expert combination of both can produce top-quality wines, with the help of particularly suitable geographical conditions in the form of stony soils, burning summers and bitter winters.

  • In the centre of the estate is the old Villa da Filicaja. Vines have been grown here since the Etruscans. The family who still own the Villa have been making extremely fine wines here for the past five hundred years, adding small innovations and improvements developed through experience year after year, century after century and generation after generation.


    "Endless words can be used to describe, or rather try to describe a wine, a taste, a flavour. Some come very close to succeeding, others not. However, words will never be able to reproduce the exact sensation of the real experience. I invite you to taste in silence and allow yourself to be swayed by your own emotions, leaving the words and the talking to others..."

    Count Andrea Nardi-Dei da Filicaja Dotti (1920-1993)